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I have been online marketing for a few years now and a member of many groups, traffic exchanges and forums.  Thanks for noticing me.




Welcome to the forum!   :)


You're very famous and  see you in many traffic exchanges websites.


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Anna Belle is FAMOUS?  i don't remember seeing her....... lol  but i digress.  Today is a beautiful day in ky

hello to everyone.  We need rain.


i'm having a great go of it on the web enjoy working here been doing so since 1997.


I enjoy growing  a business and help people when they have issues.


It took years to learn how to work on here 


if you are here today in 2023 you are the lucky ones


We had no wordpress, no traffic exchanges, no list builders (Funny i remember the first one and then everyone went wild creating more) LOL


I was pleased as the first one really WORKED


but alas the internet can get saturated with something and then it doesn't work as well.


In my humble opinion list builders, safelists etc work way better then TE's But i do promote and use them still.


Can't beat free advertising!!


Well all that just say something besides hi.


What else can we do to help people on this thread?


Whats new you can write about?


What's working for you?

Secret free ads anyone have some?


Bye for now






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