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DollarClix is your trusted money earning service!

The site is run by a Canada company and

I am a verified member since 2016.


I have earned a lot of top mailers upgrades at DollarClix per example

herculist, landmarketingmailer, Marty Petrizza's ones, Kolijn's brothers ones and more.


You can earn YOUR money by:

Paid Surveys, Watching Videos, Doing Tasks, Clicks - whatever you want!

Every time you visit the site you earn money.


Create an on-line business by earning from your referral's work!

  • Earn 20% of your level 1 referrals earnings.
  • Earn 10% of your level 2 referrals earnings.

Regular contests and promotions to help you promote your new business!


How you can withdraw your money:

Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Prepaid Debit Card, Payoneer, Amazon gift card, 

Flipkart, PP(*).


* Like any serious services they got PP account blocked but they had found a way to

pay members by PP using an external service.


You link to DollarClix is placed below - Try it today!


Click Right Here!


Any questions or payment proofs? - feel free to ask me!

Check my recommended programs now:

1 Mail These Top Tier Lead Daily! Click HERE!
2 Start Earning Easy Monthly Commissions! Click HERE!

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