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VEA - Virtual Entrepreneurs Association Start With a Free 14 Day Trial



I would like to take this opportunity to invite all members of Marketing CheckPoint to join VEA aka Virtual Entrepreneurs Association as doing so will greatly enhance the effort you're now making to garner even a respectable degree of success from your digital marketing initiatives.


Virtual Entrepreneurs Association or VEA as creator and millionaire entrepreneur Daven Michaels likes to call it is a venture that helps businesses and individuals cut their cost of doing business as well as cutting your cost of living by offering huge savings when you do business with over 670,000 locations in the USA and around the globe.


I'm a finance specialist first and foremost and must hasten to tell you that controlling how much you spend on the value for money basis has a lot to do with how much profit is made without the need to increase the price of your products or services. To succeed in life tight fiscal management and cost control is required and wherever there's a chance to save on cost, take it.


There are hundreds of brand name products and services that you will be able to access as a member of VEA. Membership subscription start with a 14 day trial and if you wish to stay on the ground floor and go no higher than a $20.00 subscription is charged for basic services with access to discount and coupons.


If you run a business or an enterprise then there are a whole lot more to gained from a more advanced membership subscription. We are all aware that with top rated marketers such as Daven Michaels there are inner circles, private brainstorm groups and the opportunity to rub shoulders with a number of well known and trend setting industry leaders who are a part of this community.



Affiliate Program


VEA Affiliate program pays 40% on monthly subscription as well as the one time offers (OTO's) since members are encouraged to try out the program first for 14 days and with what some say is a conversion rate of over 40% of all members taking up the monthly paid subscription then there is a good chance you can make some money from promoting the Virtual Entrepreneurs Association - VEA affiliate program.


Back Office Services


The VEA program has a back office service that would make your mommy proud you're now  a part of the corporate world. There are a host of service options available for online and offline marketing and promotion and you have access to business tools, SEO services, copywriting, printing and media services, email marketing, website hosting, project management. paid traffic analysis, phone systems, press media, social media and on and on. The services available are just too many to mention.


Free 14 Day Trial Available 


Free to try for a full 14 days without plucking out your credit card. You will be allowed to wander through the halls of entrepreneurial success for a full 14 days for you to see that this system has nothing in disguise and is set up to help the struggling business owners as well the ones who are doing ok but would like to do better. You have a full 14 days to make up your mind if you wanna succeed.


Read The Full Review I Posted Here


Royan Shaw


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