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Hi fellow entrepreneurs,


Last februari (2019) a new trading program started.

Unity Inc is a private investment company with passive income streams, seated in the United Kingdom, operating since february 2019. 
To earn tradingcommission you need to invest, but you can also stay a free member, recruit, and earn commission from your referrals/

There are two (2) Marketing Plans. 

Minimum deposit: $50 
- tterm of work 14 workdays, profit ratio 0.7% - 0.85% 
Maximum deposit $45000 
- term of work 90 workdays, profit ratio 1.6% - 1.7% 

Plan 2 
Minimum deposit: $110 
- term of work 14 days (monday-sunday), fixed income, profit 11.2% 
Maximum deposit $90000 
- choise of investment perod: 5 months - 173%, 9 months - 365%, 12 months - 529% 

There are 2 more options to create an income, namely the 8 level partner program and building a career in the company. I won't bother you with the details for these, you can find it in your backoffice as soon as you sign up. 

As mentioned above, you can start with $50 or you can earn from referrals without you depositing anything If you don't want to there is no need to deposit ever again, you can replenish your balance and work your way up to $250+ profit a day. 

To sign up, click https://unityinc.ltd/ref/marjolijn1

See you there, 
Marjolijn Pijl

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