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CryptoJAMS is an International Advertising Platform that Combined Advertising and Mining for a Unique Members Experience.


The best part is that their Mining Activity is Made Simple and Friendly!


They made mining activity attractive to their members by offering an unique rewards.system based on their internal Virtual Currency the "JAMS"


(At this time JAMS are only available on the CryptoJAMS website.)


How To Get JAMS?


JAMS can be Earned by Mining and can be Staked to Earn back more JAMS!


JAMS can be used to Buy Advertising and JAMS are Automatically Exchanged for Cashing Out in Your Preferred Cryptocurrency or Payment Processor.


What is Staking and Mining?

Staking is the purchase of JAMS coins and keeping (holding) them in the CryptoJAMS wallet for a certain period of time.

At CryptoJAMS, Mining JAMS translates with visiting websites. The more Ads you visit, the more JAMS Power you will get to receive your JAMS.


How much is a JAMS worth?

JAMS is exchanged at a fixed dollar value of $0.001 per JAMS.

How To convert JAMS into Cash?

JAMS are automatically exchanged at a fixed dollar value of $0.001 every time you make a purchase, make a return on your Stakes or get commissions.

The only JAMS that will need to be exchanged are the Mined JAMS. Mined (earned) JAMS can be easily converted within the member area.

Mined JAMS can be used to get a Stacking contract, get one or more Stakes or purchase advertising.


CryptoJAMS offers a Stable Platform To Maximize Profitability and this is what their members will get:


  • Free Advertising Package on Signup:

    Register for FREE and you receive a FREE Advertising Package as a Welcome Gift. Just verify your account to get 100 Guaranteed Visits instantly

  • No Cash Out of Pocket:

    Start FREE, no obligation, and no purchase requirements ever. You can start earning JAMS within minutes.

  • No Sponsoring Required:

    Their Commission Plan can be very lucrative, however there is no need of promoting to earn with CryptoJAMS.
  • Great Commission Plan:

    CryptoJAMS offers up to 40% commissions on "Pure" advertising purchases AND 10% on each "Stake" purchase made by direct referrals.

  • Mining Commissions:

    In addition to FIAT commissions they also give you up to 7% in JAMS generated by your Referrals on Mining.

  • Passive Stacking Earning:

    No "Clicking" required! - The only requirement to earn back on "Staking" is to Visit the member area.

Free members get up to 10% commissions on purchases and 3% in JAMS on mining made by your direct referrals. Upgraded members earn up to 40% commissions.


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