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How To Promote Additional Offers For Free

The Free Income Machine works very well in combination with other internet marketing. It is designed to work for a wide range of members who have different levels of experience, investment limits, and degrees of ambition. If your main offer is the Free Income Machine, you can benefit by having more things to offer subscribers who sign up on your squeeze page. If your main offer is some other product or program, you can benefit by offering the Free Income Machine to people on your email list and people who exit your squeeze page without signing up.

Following are some pointers to help you do it effectively.

  1. Do not run separate paid advertising for individual offers that appeal to the same audience. Run only the advertising that gets the best response. Then market your line of products to them. If you wish to market to a more targeted list, you can get such targeted lists for free by offering your subscribers appropriate gifts to entice them to subscribe to your email series that covers their niche interest.
  2. Do not send prospects to a page that gives them several offers to choose from. We show all the programs in the Free Income Machine on one page because each program has a unique part in our system. Generally, though, when you give prospects various moneymaking programs to choose between at one time, you lower the likelihood of them making any decision at all.


    It is much more effective to have your email series introduce your subscribers to only one product or opportunity at a time, explaining how that particular one is the best one of its type. You make the most money by presenting them in the order of their profitability starting with the one that brings you the most income.

  3. When you have a reader click a link to go to a sales page, you will get 2 to 3 times as many sales if you "presell" the product. That means describe the main benefits of the product and add anything you can about your own experience with it. Write it in a way that sounds like you are providing helpful information instead of trying to sell something. Then have a link in your text that goes to the sales page.

If you are not sending prospects to an email capture page before sending them to the Free Income Machine offer, you can still contact each member under you after getting their name and email address from the FIM Member Area. Click the "Your Members" tab on the main menu bar.

To make sure they don't take your email as spam, contact them right after they join. A good subject line is "John, Welcome to the Free Income Machine." Use their own first name instead of "John".

In that email, introduce yourself as their sponsor and say that you would like to help them get started. You can recommend some product or program that works well with the Free Income Machine. But you can't continue to send them emails as if they are a subscriber because they have not given you permission to do so. If you have a subscription form online, offer them a gift or give them some other reason to subscribe to your emails.



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