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RedRocketMailer is a Viral Mailer and Viral Mailer Blaster in one!


Spend Less Time Marketing By Utilizing this Brand New Special Viral Mailer

That Allows You To Send your Ad To Thousands Of Members of Several Different 

Mailers Automatically, with a Single Click Of The Mouse, and without

the need of extra credits!


                  Introducing RedRocketMailer!



RedRocketMailer is a one click submission service to partnering 

Viral Mailer websites. We have partnered with multiple Mailers 

who have agreed to post your ads on their sites.

Our hand selected partner sites are active and growing; 

this means tons of new people will see your ads over the 

course of the ad showing!


From here, you'll be able to tap into every partner 

site's Mailer traffic -All in one place!

It's the simplest way to promote your website quickly and easily!


Join free and purchase advertising as you need it or upgrade 

and receive ads automatically every month. Everyone earns generous 

commissions just  for promoting RedRocketMailer, even free members.


It's easy, simply login to your account, post your ad and click submit.


This means:  NO CLICKING  and NO CREDITS REQUIRED on other Mailers! 



It really doesn't get any easier than this.

Start raking in visitors and sales that quality traffic can bring!


Plus, in the future there will be new Partner Mailers to bring you 

even more traffic sources.


Finally - Tell Your Friends About Us And We'll Pay You Cold Hard Cash!

Earn up to a whopping 40% commission on every purchase made by a 

member you send our way!


You got it. Not only are we offering a fabulous program that will dramatically

cut the time required to do your Email Marketing advertising all the while increasing

traffic to your website, but we'll also pay you to tell others about us! 


Save your  TIME & MONEY - Signup today at no cost!




P.S. If you are ready to save money, you should pay extra 

     close attention on your first login to discover the 

     amazing OTO that will really give you a boost.

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