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Yes, there's a new dolla out there.


Now, you see it, now, you don't. You can't tear it, you can't bend it. You can't drop it, fold it, or even spin it.


You can spend it and more importantly, amass a fortune with it.


You may have heard of it? It's called that "Dazlin Dolla". You know, the dollar that has made the latest wave of instant millionaires and billionaires world wide.


Enough already. Unless you've been hiding under a rock you've heard of bitcoin. Right?


Remember the story of the cost of a $10 pizza paid for with bitcoin and how that same $10 would be worth over $44 million today.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize the sheer power behind bitcoin and it's ability to create millionaires and billionaires.


Well, if you think you missed the bitcoin rush, think again.


There's a new sheriff in town and he's doing it again. You don't want to miss this train.


So, here's how to make your Dolla Dazzle into millions.




Matching bonus max out at $1 million!

You can PIF your best 10 (or more) leaders

Power PIF strategy will have you earning over $126,000 in just four generations

Same four generations (same people), max power PIF leaders at over $10 million in other phase

Upgrade through group three for under $20 to lock in top positions




Don't walk, run. It works. Better get moving on this, FAST!


Good luck,


Nigel Barksfield

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This from my sponsor:


Things going great at Dazlindolla!


I got my first automatic withdrawal yesterday,

and I'm getting close to my second one.


So, they are paying people like they said they would.


Plus, new people are joining everyday.


I wanted to share some important points about why I joined, and why I feel that Dazlindolla can make everyone money.


Point 1 - If you PIF someone, you get your dollar back as a bonus for signing that person up.


So a no brainer for every dollar you spend, you get them right back in Sponsor Bonuses so YOU can build your downline at no cost to you!!


This is the Real Kicker at Dazlin Dolla!




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Stage 1 Group 1 ==> You put in $1 (you've done this already ). Then, as 10 sign ups follow you in, either through referral or spillover, you get $1 for each, so you get $10.00. Now, out of that $10.00, you go to Group 2
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