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Darren Olander

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AE Mailer is a free-to-join mailer system that delivers traffic to your websites from banner ads, text ads, credit mails & solo ads.


The owners, Elizabeta and Albie, are both active members of the mailer community so it is my pleasure to share their new site with you. They are working hard to make sure we all receive great results advertising there!


Sign up



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Am going to sign up today and use it to advertise my businesses.

$3000 Commission And Unlimited Visitors - Here Are What Admin Team Will Do For You To Get You Paid - Click Here


50,000 Visitors For Your Business From Admin - You Will Be Added To The List Of Those Qualified To Receive - $5 Per Ads Viewed / Websites Visited And $100 / $500 / $6,600 As Your Monthly Shares - Click Here


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Top recommendation Darren,


I have been on Elizabeta's list/s for probably 8 months now and have a ton of respect for her and her business partner (who I have had no interaction with).


She is honest, up front, hardworking and inspirational. 


I never had a reason to join anything advertised to me via her lists in the past, mainly because she has had laser focus on GDI and I couldn't justify closing an account that is in profit (certainly not retirement level profit but enough) to join under someone else.


But her own program? Had to join!!


Sometimes the owner of a mailer or any other business is far more important than functionality.


AE Mailer has both, brilliant mailer, genuinely great owners.


Highly recommend and hope/ expect to see this one last the distance.




Nate Scifleet 

Author and Owner of 90 Minute Residuals



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