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Don't Confuse Tour Takers, Test Drivers With Workers That Will Work

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Hi Fellow MC Members and Guests,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...

Don't Confuse Tour Takers, Test Drivers With Workers That Will Work.

When you signup new members, you will get one of three things:
- Tour Takers
- Test Drivers
- Workers That Will Work

Since you can join most sites for FREE you will get a lot of Tour Takers and Test Drivers which include:
- People that want to see what SFI is all about
- People that want to get some ideas that they can use for their program
- People that are our competitors who want to see what we're offering
- And Etc...

The people that we're looking for are the workers that will work:
- Self Motivators
- Readers that read for themselves
- Workers that will work regardless of our help
- Workers that don't need to be Pushed, Pulled Or Dragged
- And Etc...

Other than sending weekly emails and stream posts, don't waste time on Tour Takers and Test Drivers.

If you have 800 signups that's Tour Takers and Test Drivers, you have... NO WORKERS!

Instead of focusing on the Tour Takers and Test Drivers spend your time and money finding Workers that will work.

Tip: Post Ads 365(6) Days A Year To Find The Workers That Will Work And Leverage Your Time And Effort To Build Your Business, Generate Sales And Earn A Monthly Residual Income.

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