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new mailer actually ctr is very high 82963.png

- Free 30 day banner ad
- free splashpage builder
- daily click contest ( winner get 500 credits, 3 banner(s) with 30 days each, 3 text ad link(s) with 30 days each )
-opportunity to win solo(just login every week and participate in drawing solo)
- you can view ads from "earn credits" section
- 9 payment methods: Zelle,GooglePay,CashApp,Facebookpay,Venmo,Stripe,Litecoin,ORU and BITCOIN!
- use code newmember to get 1 text ad , 1 solo ad , 1500 credits and additional banner ad

comissions info for free,gold/platinum/vip
The 1st payment goes to Admin/Admin/Referrer
The 2nd payment goes to Referrer/Refferer,Referrer
The 3rd payment goes to Admin/Referrer/Refferer
The 4th payment goes to Referrer/Refferer/Refferer







www.kasa.rf.gd best sites to making money online

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I do not see country restrictions in registration process and in TOS. Is site geo blocked for you?


I am pretty sure that an owner doesn't even know that... I do not know if he bought or leased that script but he uses Dave Mosher hosting and some Dave's servers has some countries blocked (i do not know the list) so when you access sites like this one it shows like there is no site at all at certain domain.

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I am having problem accessing this site too but what i do is use VPN to access it. If you are unable to access the site, you should be doing that too.

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