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What is SquadHelp?

SquadHelp is a Disruptive Naming Agency is a meet up portal for those who wanted a name for their business and those who will get paid suggesting out names, logo designs, business name and even domain name selling. I was able to join in for free just for this review, but if you are serious in making money with it and gain access to all areas, it needs one time payment of U.S.$10.00.

How Does It Look Like From the Inside:
This is their menu, at time of writing, I'm only joined with their affiliate program and looking forward to invest U.S.$10.00 because I can also do the logo design.

How To Make Money With This Program?
The way I see it, you can make money over here by taking advantage of their contests if you have a knack for contests. It's about submitting multiple names, you can google "business name generator" and start to use it for your advantage, remember that it's time-constrained and all not only you are competing to receive payment. Merchants who requires a name are ready to pay anywhere from U.S.20 to U.S.$300 tops for a logo, business name, even domain name ideas, is the name of the game, and you will provide this and if your suggestion gets picked up by the merchant, then you win the U.S.$20 or U.S.$300.00, that's the most active part of their program, winning the contest of giving out names, domain name suggestion, logo design and you can actually sell domains here if you want, domains that you own right now, this is what interests me with this program.

Technical Specifications
They got their domain name from GoDaddy and from the looks of it they are also hosted there and using the domain proxy services of GoDaddy.

Invitation To Join In:
I was able to view a youtube video about them and with this program alone you can make money of U.S.$300 in a week's time if you are really serious with it, put in an investment of one-time U.S.$10.00 which is good enough for a passive income working at home full-time. You have to be active suggesting business name with the free tool I've suggested to you and it all takes creativity. If you got your U.S.$300 within the day, you already worked for a full-days work and spend your time doing logos the next day, you will never run out of work here and you will earn continually. Join in and invest that U.S.$10.00 and make it grow for you. Do post a reply here your payment proof stats, when I joined in you will know I will update this thread.


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