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What is DomainCostClub?

DomainCostClub is a company that operates like any other domain registrar like it should be, you pay them for domain registration they register the domains on your behalf at the TLD, then you have your own domain name, what they differ is they offer membership payment options so you get the domain name at cost and with no on top of price for middleman, they removed the middleman and give you access to domains at the price they registered it for the wholesale price. At DomainCostClub, you will become your own domain registrar.

Physical Address/Location:
Since they are a real company they have office and chances are if you are near them, you can pay them a visit.
Domain Cost Club
701 Palomar Airport Rd.
Suite #300
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Types Of Membership
If you are a domainer like me you will like this company since the more upgrade fees you pay the more domains you can register at a cost, so this are the type of membership they offer and select one for your needs.



5 domains at cost

whois privacy

U.S.$9.99/monthly billed annually



19 domains at-cost

whois privacy

U.S.$29.99/monthly billed annually



49 domains at-cost

whois privacy

U.S.$49.99/monthly billed annually



Unlimited domains at-cost

whois privacy

U.S.$99.99/monthly billed annually

All members will get the following:
At-Cost Pricing
Guaranteed At-Cost Annual Renewals
Free Domain Privacy
No-Hassle Shopping



- You register domain names with free privacy at cost


- I can't think of anything right now, not unless you are in the domaining business then this is not for you.

Invitation to Join In
If you want to pursue a career and business of domaining, domain name registration, being a domainer, then this one is for you, start registering those domain names for almost free at a cost they got it from the ICANN. Join in now for as low as U.S.$9.99/monthly billed annually. You will save exactly U.S.$28.00.


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