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Sanze Profit is a great and solid Revshare program which was launched on 15.07.2019 and is offering 1.1% daily.


Revshare investment plans




Referral system



Join Sanze Profit Here -> JOIN NOW


My personal evaluation of the program


Sanze Profit can have the same succes story as Diversity Fund.

The admin is honest and serious, as we can see in the newsletter (15.11.2019):




They have various sources of income for the Revshare packs:



Several months ago, we started investing our money into Forex trading. Subsequently we added other investment opportunities, in order to diversify our investments; such as mining, crypto currencies (especially Bitcoin and Ethereum), dropshipping and sports arbitrage. Now we are discovering new opportunities like p2p lending and masternodes (always regarding crypto currencies).


Edmuns Wells, the Diversity Fund Admin, has invested and is promoting Diversity Fund:




Join Sanze Profit Here -> JOIN NOW

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