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What is Ivacy?
Ivacy is a Privacy company owned by PMG Pte. Ltd., a company based in Ltd. 38 Beach Road #29-11 South Beach Tower Singapore 189767 and their address is clearly visible on the footer the homepage. Their company product is exclusively VPN - Virtual Private Network.

Affiliate Program
Their affiliate program boasts of about 100% commission on the first month and succeeding months will be 35% commission on new accounts opened using your link. Right now they are offering free 1 year account for bloggers as long as you can write a review of their website, and before doing so just write them an email first by clicking on link at footer titled Free Account For Bloggers.

Technical Specifications
They got their domain name registered using enom.com, protected from DDOS by CloudFlare and using whoisprivacyprotect services on their anonymity. It's a made up domain name ivacy it's the ending of privacy. Great for the purpose of selling vpn accounts for privacy purposes.



- They are exlusively for vpn - virtual private network which makes it more secure because it's a whole company selling 1 product


- I don't know of anything yet, not unless you find something similar and cheaper

Invitation To Visit and Get Private
The most precious thing that you are protecting from people of the internet and that is your privacy. Get it now for more discounts and even free if you can write a review. If you also want you can signup under my team so we do the sales together as a team.


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