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Edit: Please do not join - read my reply to this post.


This new program in pre- launch has been recommended to me by one of my highest performing team members for a marketing team build I manage and as they requested I waited a day before posting publicly:


Global Advertisers is ready to start pre launch tomorrow with full launch in 10 days
They will continue to work on the site, back offices, add more payment processors etc

Today you can register and get your positions.  You can also bring in some leaders today
as well. These are people that can bring in new members obviously. Tomorrow (Tuesday
10th December) starting at 2 PM EST we can start promoting to everyone. This gives us
some time to get leaders placed

Make sure they understand we are in pre launch for 10 days so if they see anything
that needs fixed or can help the program be better, let us know. Including ideas on
how to maximize new member registration for a long time. Owner can be reached at

There is an option for members to purchase positions in both Phase 1, the 1x2
straightline and Phase 2 the 2x2 matrix. Positions are $20 each in both Phases
Members can choose to just purchase into Phase 1 for $20 and wait until they
cycle Phase 1 to get an entry into Phase 2. But as we know company forced
straightlines can get long, like in Tornado Rising, so it is good to have the
option to get into Phase 2 right away

Here is the ink to the comp plan  https://globaladvertisement.info/ourplan.php

Members can purchase multiple positions and at anytime. For each position they
receive an advertising package to promote their other businesses on the site

They do have big plans for this company so hopefully it all works out well. They
are looking for a few people to help with working support. They will pay them
for their work. If interested contact the Admin, Jamaini Otto at  

They are working on some ad copy and banners for promoting and they will be
in the back office soon

Here is my referral link to get registered. My sponsor is the directly below the 
owner so you are at the very top. Once registered you will receive an activation
email. Mine went to my Spam so look for that. Once you log in your back office
you will see a Bitcoin button that will take you to the payment page when you
click on it. Also the Admin's Cash App details are under the Bitcoin button. If
anyone pays this way they need to send an email with their payment details
and username to the email address provided

Go here to join: EDIT: Link Removed by OP, if you want to try your luck, google it and join under someone else!

Nate Scifleet 

Author and Owner of 90 Minute Residuals



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Hi All,


This is not a bump.


I am posting this as an apology - I posted my original post above as one of my team members (best team members who brought in 60+ to my AIOP team) asked me to join and her sponsor was my second best team member (who brought in 30+) so I took a chance against my better judgement.


I am not stating that globaladvertisement.info is a scam.


However, I have had no end of trouble with any form of support.


I cycled a few times and the program is confused as to whether to pay me USD or BTC and has paid me a combination of both - $15 USD in one cycle and 0.002766 BTC in another.


However it is all credited to my account as USD - meaning I have been credited $15.002766 USD which is entirely incorrect.


The owner continues to respond to my support request in a very poorly worded 1 line email stating it will be fixed. It hasn't been.


My fault for being swept up by a cycler with no real world value.


No one has joined via this thread under me - thankfully.


I won't remove this thread or my post as I posted it and well, lesson learned and I face up to my mistakes.


So, apologies all, this program is no longer recommended by me.




Nate Scifleet 

Author and Owner of 90 Minute Residuals



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There's no word about product/services members get for money, though program name leaves an impression that members get some advertising package..


Yes, they do provide banner and text ads with each matrix purchase and these seem to be displayed at the bottom of the pages within the back office.


So while yes, there is a product, I don't believe it will meet the legal requirements of many Country's, certainly not the US and definitely not Australia where I am based. Another reason for my quick back track on this one.

Nate Scifleet 

Author and Owner of 90 Minute Residuals



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