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What is HostWinds?

HostWinds is a Customer Centric Web Hosting Solutions backed by the same company name: HostWinds. They sell cheap shared cloud webhosting, vps - virtual private servers and dedicated servers. Their uptime is 99.999% and their customer support is 100% geared towards customer.

My Experience With Them
I was amazed and surprised at their cheap prices and it also comes along with superb customer support, I change my mind that you get what you pay for, in this company you get what you pay for and much, much more, their leg and their arm for a very cheap price. I have a VPS account with them.

Affiliate Program
They also own their own affiliate program and their payment scheme is via leveling. If you're on entry level you start with level 1 that pays U.S.$65 per sale on each sale you deliver. Now where you can find a very lucrative hosting business other than this. You get promoted by the amount of sales you refer.
1-6 in one month is $65 per signup
7-12 in one month becomes $85 per signup
13-19 in one month becomes $100 per signup
19+ in one month becomes $135 per signup

Technical Specifications
I did my own research and they got their domain name registered in NameCheap and on domain whois it appeared Peter Holden as the owner because he has the same address of their main headquarters.

Physical Location/Address:
HostWinds is a company that is backed by a real company and their physical location is at 12101 Tukwila International Blvd #320, Seattle, WA 98168 so whenever you're near pay them a visit and say hi from @weblord if he knows me well tell him I'm one of his VPS client.



- Nothing wrong if you pamper and spoiled your customers in the long run they will love to stay with you and not look for other providers

- Super fast

- Great uptime

- Cheap prices

- Superb and Awesome Customer Support will go a mile with you.


- Nothing yet.


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