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Change in Value - Positive or Negative?

Matt Koshko

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Whether it's Paid-to-Click, Manual Exchange, Auto Exchange, or something similar, there's no question the value has changed over the past several years. There are countless traffic providers through the mentioned platforms - the list is very long. However, the number of surviving services after 3 years of operation is certainly different.


We all have many distractions every day; family, phone calls, text messages, meal preparation, emails, "jobs", facebook/twitter/youtube, and the list goes on. Such distractions have only increased over the course of the past decade and yet we seem to (at least somewhat) manage to handle quite a bit all at once.


Do you see a positive or negative value in these traffic exchange services looking back 3 years ago? How have the changes had an impact on you?


I'm guilty of trying to take on too many things. I have what I call "Yes syndrome". Just kidding, I've yet to be disagnosed. ;)

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Depends on their ability to engage their users.. we have short attention spans and lots of options - if people get bored they are going to move on -- the value of the advertising is based mostly on the quality of the traffic they provide (ROI) ..so it really varies on a case by case basis.. some provide very poor quality traffic, some provide high quality...


How easy is it to cheat? How engaging is it? Are the viewers bored, or interested?

Who is the audience, and what is their motivation for using that service?

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Online marketing can be overwhelming because of all the platforms and programs available today. There is a necessity to simplify and prioritize what we do in online marketing. That is a challenge.

Kindest Regards.

Roosevelt Evans III

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