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What is SoftwareZion.com?

SoftWareZion.com is a software blog that aims to promote a different type of software from major leading brands, and no high-fluting technical knowledge is presented, but the software is presented as is, and you go directly to its software developer, software creator or software programmer or software manufacturer.

Company Behind

It is operated, managed, owned, and administered by William Nabaza, commonly known as @weblord in many forums and blogs. He's located in the Philippines and is running the website in an individual capacity. No team behind him to help in the work.

Technical Specifications

William Nabaza registered this domain name in January 2020 to get more software sales from NameCheap, Inc., using domain whois anonymity services from WhoisGuard Protected and is protected from DDOS attacks availed this protection from Cloud Flare, Inc. It's a very new domain name to surface the software industry and has lots of potentials, and business opportunities for it, so don't limit up the creativity and imagination. Just check out my journey threads here, and regarding my expertise, I have started working online full time since 1995.

Making Money

William Nabaza promises to pay via bitcoin or PayPal a 10% (ten percent) commission for giving him sales, and you just need to promote the software you want to make money from by using a referral I.D. in the format /?r=1 make sure you get your own User I.D. by clicking on Make money on the top menu. For now, since it just pre-launched, there are only a handful of software being blogged so while you wait for it to accumulate, make sure to register in advance for free and claim your User I.D. The threshold amount to get paid is a low U.S.$10.00 please kindly wait 30 days for your commission to be paid, this is not what I want really, but I need to get paid first before I can pay you. Our agreement, I will continue to blog at least 1 (one) software every week, and you may also suggest software you want to be seen in the blog, and I make my effort to get its affiliate program and blog it on this software blog. Now your role is to share your links everywhere. Viral mailers, safelists, forums, classified ads, blogs, websites, etc. There's no limit to promotion as long as you let your imagination do the work. Make sure you don't spam or the account will be terminated, and you lose all sales. You can subscribe to the web push, so you will be notified via your browser of new software blog post.



- Earn 10% the easy way just becoming an affiliate and share your link whenever and wherever possible

- New website, so there's a lot of maximum opportunities to earn from.

- Though it is my own blog, I got no unbiased reviews


- Nothing yet as of this time of review



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