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How Good is horse racing ?

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I have been involved in horse racing since 1995. I believed in it's potential to generate income. A lot of people think otherwise. However, there are a lot of people that make money from horse racing so what separates the boys from the girls?

I see people looking at a paper and think they can select a winner in a few moments viewing.

That is possible if you are a seasoned professional such as myself. It is not possible all the time to do that.on a continual basis due to the nature of horse racing.


Horse racing is very rotational. That means things are changing from race to race. Weights change, going conditions, jockeys, the yard, venues etc. All of these characteristics impact upon one another.

Horses win by virtue.; Ground, amount of prize money, speed, experience, breeding and by preference.


The last one is dark horse territory.No matter how much information you have when a thing is decided you will see it in front of your eyes.

You might think you have the world against you but things can work in your favour. If you win more times than you lose then you have an upward trend. If you can get the one who wins and the one who follows him or her home then you are getting value for money.

opportunity is a bit like electronics, its has an on-off aspect to it. When you get a win, hold back because take back is on the corner.

I read in my travels if you want to succeed specialize.


When you get seasoned, you will get intuition because of the many times you see something. it is then you will be able to select

prices in double digits. That is when you can make a large surge. it is the place where compounding comes into its own.

That type of mathematics outdoes any doubt that others may have. You have to jump over a hurdle to get over the other side.


If you want a religion it is here. if your belief is in the wrong place you will lose money. it requires discipline you have to be informed and focused. You also need a following to get the momentum. Then you will make a hackneyed phrase become true. you will give the bookie a beating.





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I would say follow your instinct and if you know a lot about it, then go for it and become the go to person in that niche.I have the same thing with Football, Do I keep it as a hobby or put my knowledge on a blog.


Good luck with your efforts

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Have been riding and breaking racehorses since I was 20, all over. Germany,U.S, Italy, Spain and U.K. First of all disregard the price of a horse or what the tipsters go for. Time never lies. For example most races are around 11-14 seconds a furlong. You need the Racing Post in U.K. Look at the finishing time of last 3 races, divide each race time by amount of furlongs. Too slow, too fast? The racing paper in the U.S gives a better analysis.

In the U.K I prefer to back horses on the A.W as the ground never changes. Therefore having no effect on the time. All being said 'A Horse is a Horse.' !!

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