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SOFTTRADEAI is an Artificial Intelligence Asset Management Company, and we use different types of advance AI software tools to trade in the Forex markets and generate risk-free profits for our clients.
SOFTRADEAI is incorporated in the UK. The company is licensed to carry out commercial transactions around the world. It provides financial reports in accordance with the established rules in the UK.

There are 3 packs you can invest in:
$25+, 2% daily for 35 workdays
$100+, 3% daily for 35 workdays
$500+, 4% daily for 35 workdays

After 35 workdays the pack expires and you get half of your seedmoney put back into your account, you can withdraw this plus the profit you made or you can invest it again and let it ride for another 35 workdays.

When you purchase a pack for $100+ or $500+ make sure you click the right percentage you want to receive.

For more information click the link below



Happy earnings!

Marjolijn Pijl

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Does these Bots generate profit on a Bear Market?If not,How is this even sustainable in the long run?

The program started januari 2020, The owner  opened this up to the public so the ai could build more data so it could predict where  the drops are going to be.

I am earning here and the owner (Ryan Baines) is very transparent about everything, showing his face, giving conferenecalls etc. 

He just added a new pack to the 3 that are already there, it will be there for 4 weeks and will give 5%. For only 2 weeks it will be over a funding of $3000, then it will rise to $5000. He offers also to give everybody who joins for the 5% a tradingcourse for free.

If it is sustainable, time will tell, but that counts for all businesses, on- or offline. I don't know much about trading, that is why I let other people trade and pick a bit of fruit from it.

Hope this answers your questions.

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