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Hi everyone,


I waited 10 days for someone else to post Mikes Links here but I guess I have to get the referrals all to myself!


So I launched Mikes Links ( https://mikes.link ) on February 2nd, 2020 it is just another Manual Traffic Exchange and I decided not to use a LFMTE script, so pretty much anything is possible depending on what we want to code into it.


As I write this (February 14th 2020 ) I we have 21 members (including myself and 2 test accounts) and in the last week members earned  1544 Credits and received 2239 hits to their sites. Much of the traffic going to members are coming form 40+ network rotators in my personal accounts on T.E.'s like Hungryforhits, 1-1hits, Easyhits4U, WebmastersQuest, TrafficG and many others that allow me to use the network rotators to feed traffic until Mikes Links has enough users to be self sufficient.


There are currently only about 150 URL's on Mikes links for surfing so I need members who need their links shown.


The 1 big advantage I Mikes Links has right now is that very few people know we exist and so there is very little competition in recruiting Referrals.



Thanks for reading this,

Michael Kelly - Owner,  Mikes Links  -   https://mikes.link

Michael Kelly   |    DCDK.Jewelry   |   WireWrap.Jewelry   |   TheFreeJewelryProject.Info




Mikes.Marketing | Mikes.Reviews  |  Mikes.link

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