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Absolutelyfree.club has a solid plan to get you to over $5,000 a month income without you ever needing to dip into your pocket or make sales or referrals! All it takes is less than five minutes a day following our route map.

However, there are ways to speed the journey that are available as options, and these include the use of some capital and/or making referrals.

The first part of your journey to income is simply to register as a member using the link below.

That will give you access to the control panel where you can join all the programs and then add your affiliate links.

The programs fall into three categories, although the defining lines are not rigid and some will fit in all 3 categories:

1/ Fr33 Cash,

2/ Leverage Your Cash

3/ Traffic and Tools.

If you are already a member of any of these programs, simply add your existing user ID (no need to join again).

At this time the site is under construction and we will be adding information on all the programs along with your 'Route Map To Prosperity' on a daily basis, so keep checking in! Join us now - it's AbsolutelyFree !



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The free-member starter pool at one recently-launched website in the downline builder offers a log-in reward of one cent per day.

Also, messaging three times a month to:

1/ the bonus messaging pool allocated to you (this is 5% of fr33 members; increased to 10%

if you have personally introduced at least five new members in the previous month)

2/ personal referrals AND referrals made by people you have referred (2 levels)


What else does it offer?

This is going to be life-changing on a global scale

Guaranteed PROFIT without selling or recruiting

No need for out-of-pocket expenses

Reliable, recurring income

A level playing field for all members to make PROFITS

Requires no special skills

Excludes nobody of legal age for any reason


It is a MISSION - it is not JUST a platform, ad site, messaging system or a biz opp!

It is all of these, but more importantly, a mission to share abundance worldwide.

The mission is to fight poverty, promote love, aid personal growth, improve the planet,

make our members rich; YOU INCLUDED!

It WILL make the SAWWP Token a valuable asset and top cryptocurrency as a tool to fight poverty.

Some initial charitable goals are:

To take orphans each year to Disneyland

To provide clean water where there is thirst

To provide food where there is hunger

To provide jobs where there is despair

To bring agriculture where there is famine

To plant trees for the global good!


God Bless,

Graham Frame

49, Castleview, LN4 4JD, Lincoln, United Kingdom

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The top pool payment in one of the programs this month was $920 and needed:

No sponsoring No selling No purchase No effort.

This $920 was achieved with just 540 active members pioneering our mission to help eliminate poverty worldwide.

The SAWWP token used on the website rose in value from $1.00 to $4.76 in one month.

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One website in the funnel paid its members in July-


Total Commissions and log in rewards: $232,208.69

Total Power of One Bonus: $10,538.43

Total Lottery payments for Pools...

Pool 1 total lottery winnings $ 1,940

Pool 2 total lottery winnings $ 1,734

Pool 3 total lottery winnings $ 2,867.50

Pool 4 total lottery winnings $ 4,780

Pool 5 total lottery winnings $ 8,150

Pool 6 total lottery winnings $20,100

Total all Pools $39,571.50


Hearty Congratulations to all the Winners!


These are the top FR33 Lottery prizes in the 6 Pools for July 2020...


Pool 1 Top Winner cam99 $ 426.80


Pool 2 Top Winner tawfikyanni $ 404.70


Pool 3 Top Winner Beauty1 $ 670.50


Pool 4 Top Winner jwcash7 $1,150.00


Pool 5 Top Winner csnow $2,018.00


Pool 6 Top Winner Obomtel $5,184.00


Along with hundreds of other payments ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars!


Don't miss out!!

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