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Evergreen Lead Machine


Ok, straight off I want to say that at the time of posting this I'm not 100% sure how this program works!


That might sound weird, but that's because to 'Unlock' it you need to get 3 referrals.


Until then, what's inside is kind of a mystery.


What's apparent from the videos is that it is some kind of viral marketing machine that promises done-for-you traffic, ready made products, a way to grow a big email list fast as well as providing several integrated ways to earn both low and high ticket commissions, bitcoin, etc.


It's free to join and use but we are told there will be optional paid opportunities inside. Judging by one of the screenshots on the landing page video, it looks as though one of these opportunities is possibly 'My Lead Generation System'.


And that's really all I know, until I get three signups...


Care to join me? Click Here

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