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Being Social in Social Media


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Below is an Ad I have placed on all my social media sites and it has received very good traction.


As an MLM, or  Affiliate Marketer you could share the same thing and hyperlink your program links in the Banner ads to the left and at the top.


No matter what business you are in, advertising on Social Media is a must. But how do you do it without using all your cash, or offending your friends, or getting banned. You can share videos or web pages that provide added value to your prospects but also include your program links. 


This is How:

Here is a Web page version


Here is a sample of a post to my FaceBook.

"You have got to see this it is Hilarious, and so true,
The Difference Between Men and Women"


Here is a Video version, I shared this with my Affiliate Downline:


As one of my new affiliates it is important for you 

to understand that you do not work for me.

You are the owner of your own business.

You are responsible for the growth of your business.

And you will receive the rewards of that growth.

This video helped me to make the transition from:

Employee to Entrepreneur


Now if you visit these 2 pages you will see the Web Site and the Youtube I am sharing with all my friends "nested" in my opportunity ads. With this tool from Syracuse Design, you can build these links on the fly in seconds. It was specifically designed for SFI, but can be used for any program. The default ads are for SFI, though, but all ads can be modified.


Take The 1 month Test Drive


FULL DISCLOSURE: This is not an affiliate link or an affiliate program and for one month it is free. I will receive no returns on your paid participation.


George McBride

Best Affiliate Program

Learn More about Crypto:


Bitcoin Basics PDF

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