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A key component to successful MLM is Duplication

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Why is Duplication So Important?


Too many affiliates join and do not know what to do. They want to achieve success but they do not know how. Or maybe there are just too many ways to do it. There is no key to success but there are Rules. 


The reason duplication is so important is that a day job, an hourly pay job, always has a limit to the amount you can make. You may be a Doctor or a Dentist and you may make very good money per hour. But the only way to make more money is to work more hours. And the day you stop working the hours you stop earning the money.


With duplication you do the same amount of work month after month, but your earning power is growing each month. If a Doctor does five operations a week, week after week, month after month, his earnings do not change. He may experience an annual raise or cost of living increases, but he will never actually make more than he has the time in which to make it.


With duplication every hour invested is increasing your earnings potential. If you can only gain one new customer, one new affiliate a month, but each and every month you gain one more and train them to gain just one. At first, and for the first 9 months you will honestly be making very little. But in nine months, in month 10, you will suddenly experience a burst of income, and then each following month, more and more. 


This is Tommie K's (capt. Kirk) Free advertising plan. He does the same things every day, "Post to free ad sites 365 days a year". But his income is continually rising because each new person who joins his programs adds to his current income, but he is using the same amount of time to do the same thing day after day.


You promote a consumable item, an item purchased each month. The first month you have 1 new customer and 1 sale, the second  month you have 1 new customer but 2 sales. the third month, 1 new customer but 3 sales. See.


The same thing holds true for a subscription based service. Each month you do the same work, but earn more money.


What are some barriers to duplication for you or in your business?

George McBride

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Great post, George. Thank you. And very important too.


The theory of duplication is valid and undoubtedly effectively applied in real life.

However, there is a big gap between theory an practice.

And here are the actual barriers in question coming in.


It's all about building trust with unknown people.

Affiliates signing up for a program are usually full of expectations,

they may even have solid determination,

but do not know what to do and who to trust.


They may feel lost in the middle overwhelming abundance of information

and an enormous jungle of promises.


Now, the question is how to help them overcome the subconscious block

and fear. Benevolence is an essential foundation, reassuring qualities

like knowledge and experience and friendly attitude are also important

but would never seem to be enough.


Time is an important factor. Those who can get through the initial period

will probably become faithful business partners in duplication.

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One point I want to bring up. This is not meant to be a wet blanket, but a caution. I have noted that some MLM have turned out to be scams. People have gotten leary to mlm for that reason. There was one that I had almost gotten involved in that, only recently was discovered to be a scam. I think it important for one to do due diligence before promoting mlm to see. In the case I mentioned, I found a review site that made mention of some of the4 business practices this opportunity used. Another good source in the BBB. Just a cautionary thought.

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Duplication in MLM marketing is crucial for success, I agree. But originality and creative imagination goes a long way in establishing trust in your target audience. Use of simple, interesting, original Splash pages & value-content blogging, linking to your MLM program, helps to create a web-presence & identity that’s uniquely “you.”

Earning cash from home with Affiliate marketing & the wellness industry, I also enjoy "making music" with vocals & keys to uplift & encourage! Hopeisfree!

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