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Traffic Exchanges That Accept PTP and Fast in Delivering Traffic


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Do you know any traffic exchanges that deliver traffic (using credits) fast and accept PTP like Webmasterquest?

I know other traffic exchanges that deliver traffic fast such as Clickvoyager but they don't accept PTP. I also know other traffic exchanges that accept PTP such as EasyHits4U and TrafficG, but the traffic delivery is slow.

What I'm looking for are traffic exchanges that are fast in delivering traffic (using credits) but also accept PTP. So far, I can only found one, i.e. Webmasterquest. Does anyone know about other traffic exchanges that meet those two criterias?

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Crikey, now there is an ask and a half : ) 


Off the tof my head no. I see you say EasyHits4u has slow delivery of Traffic, but thats not been my experience at all, quite the opposite.


As a guide I use the traffic exchanges ranked in https://tehoopla.com/commissions.cgi/21321 which is for reference because the owners have already tested around 2 million hits, or so and do so every month.


So far these guides have not let me down and do work.


Hope it helps

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EasyHits4U and Webmaster Quest both deliver traffic exceptionally fast - faster than any other TEs I am aware of.

Of the two I'd rate EasyHits4U higher as in my experience 57% of the hits I get are 'unique' whereas with Webmaster Quest it's only 22%

Also, EasyHits4U is currently getting me a 1% response rate to my squeeze pages while Webmaster Quest is only 0.5%

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