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Free ECOIN concept

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Could free units of a new digital currency end up being worth thousands of dollars?


Ecoin is creation of people from Microsoft. 

Facebook, whatsapp, youtube etc have great value because of its members and membership is Free.

Ecoin too is building on Free membership and what they have to offer is Free cryptocurrency to you and for referring your friends. 


I think it is a unique idea to create value of Ecoin if they can do.

Surely there is no risk.


  1. Acquired 2 Million+ users in just 30 days & set a start-up record as fastest growing crypto!
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Dear Valued Users

 Ecoin withdrawal has now begun 

The allowed withdrawal limits per week are as follows:
1. The LEAST (minimum) withdrawal amount is 1000 ECoins;
2. The HIGHEST (maximum) withdrawal amount is 5000(per week)ECoins.

We understand the fears, anxiety and excitements behind many user's quest to sell their ECoins right away. However we highly recommend that you hold for now - Do not sell your ECoins after withdrawal for now as the price of the ECoins you hold may overtake value projections any moment due to some positive market indicators plus the fact that we are currently the fastest growing cryptocurrency in terms of spread/users mass

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