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How to Unlock Affiliate Commission Streams from Posting Articles

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Hello Guys,

So I'm pretty new here.  I just came here as I needed some support with a platform called LeadsNProfits.  I left a comment on that thread but I figured I would create my own thread to get some ideas from other people that have experience with developing their own blogs and websites with the main goal of affiliate marketing.

I will be totally honest here I have been creating content fairly regularly since the start of the year.  I started on NYE with Blogger.  I wrote at least a post a day and actually to my surprise I made my 1st affiliate commissions within 1 week.

 It was for a product called Leptitox on ClickBank.  I made like $450 that month.  It was a revelation for me but since then I haven't had the same fortunes.  Even though my content has become a lot more professional I have only had maybe 2 or 3 sales since. 

What am I doing different?  Well everything really I moved everything to wordpress - I have split up all the content over 4 websites because this blog was about 4 different niches.

I actually think if I would have just left that content as it is and just created new content I might have had a bit more fortune but I am not looking back I am looking forward.  I am going over everything again whilst creating new content.

But I have created 70 articles now and my last 5 or 6 I have had ranked on google within 24 hours of submitting to Google Search Console and also one of these sites I am getting new sign ups for daily but this is what I need help with I am not making any money.  Please if anyone could help me would be very grateful. 

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One of the most important aspects of article marketing is to produce articles people will actually want to read. some marketers produce articles in bulk thinking somehow they will get hits and reader engagement from them. If you produce good, quality artlcles that has quality information in them, it will encourage reader participation leading to sales.

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