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I like this site for the quick straight forward splash pages I can make to promote anything I am doing. But first a little about the site.


It is a surf ad site. Surf timer is quick and points add up fast. Every Sunday a Silver Upgrade is given away free to everyone who surfs 250 or more sites. Every Monday 3 Platinum Upgrades are given away free to the 3 top surfers.


Every upgrade level gets you more Surfing Credits and more Slots for creating Splash Pages.


Now Why Splash Pages? Why not just go directly to the Landing Capture Page?


Sometimes that works just fine.


But if you are advertising on Ad Exchanges that have timers and you use your LCP, right when the prospect is filling out the form the timer completes and the page refreshes, frustration.


You do not want to frustrate your prospect. It is better to promote the Splash Page and when clicked the form to capture information opens up in a new tab.


Another reason is promoting in Social Media. Most links that lead to a capture page with a form on it are blocked in Social Media, or they are red flagged as Dangerous. A splash page is neutral and provides a good bridge between the promotion and the capture form.


And finally, when capturing the information, you want a clean form where the prospect has only one thing to do. Fill it out. When he gets to the Capture page he is there because the splash page gave him all the information he needed to ACT. 


A fast and simple way to make splash pages is to use ClickVoyager. You can make up to 3 splash pages as a free member. After that you can do one of two things. Delete a page you made and make a new one for a new promotion, or upgrade. As you upgrade the number of splash pages you can make increases.


Here are two of my Splash Pages:

Banner Builder This splash page demonstrates how I might promote a TripleClicks product.

Digital Products This is one of my Freebies I use to build my list.


They are simple, but have been very effective for my business.



George McBride

Best Affiliate Program

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