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Hi There,

All you guys/girls should really take a look at this program, even if you are as poor as a rat.
Here you can start for free and earn your way up to $5 a day without doing anything except login in every day.




The first $2 you get for free after signing up, filling out your profile and making an account at their exchange site.

These $2 you can exchange into wesa tokens on their exchange site and start in your first pool where you will get not 1 cent, but 10 cents a day for login in.

There are 6 pools you can join for a total of $125 (or pay with wesa tokens and get a 20% discount = $100).
Join all 6 pools all at once within 48 hours and you will get a bonus of $25 return into your account at the end of the month.
You do not need to join them all at once, as I said you can start as a free member and earn your way up to it.


Marjolijn Pijl

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WeShareAbundance is still in Beta Pre-Launch AND we paid our members in July...


Total Commissions and log in rewards: $232,208.69

Total Power of One Bonus: $10,538.43

Total Lottery payments for Pools...

Pool 1 total lottery winnings $ 1,940

Pool 2 total lottery winnings $ 1,734

Pool 3 total lottery winnings $ 2,867.50

Pool 4 total lottery winnings $ 4,780

Pool 5 total lottery winnings $ 8,150

Pool 6 total lottery winnings $20,100

Total all Pools $39,571.50


Hearty Congratulations to all the Winners!


These are the top FR33 Lottery prizes in the 6 Pools for July 2020...


Pool 1 Top Winner cam99 $ 426.80


Pool 2 Top Winner tawfikyanni $ 404.70


Pool 3 Top Winner Beauty1 $ 670.50


Pool 4 Top Winner jwcash7 $1,150.00


Pool 5 Top Winner csnow $2,018.00


Pool 6 Top Winner Obomtel $5,184.00


Along with hundreds of other payments ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars!


Don't miss out on YOUR ABUNDANCE...

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Brand New EXCITING plan to multiply your CRYPTO


and if you are going to multiply your crypto, it is best to choose a crypto that is constantly increasing in value.

Since the spring of 2020, it has risen to around $300 in value.


Introducing Multiply Your WESA!



Start with just $10 in WESA tokens and, in addition to gaining valuable products, our 3 x 10 forced matrix helps you to generate a monthly income exceeding $90,000.


Spillover and spillunder means that everyone can succeed regardless of ability, and for those who love to refer others there is a generous 20% instant commission.


90% of all receipts are paid out in commissions automatically, and on top of your monthly profits you can watch the value of your tokens rise making this a real cycler with added value (maybe WESA is your chance to get in on a second bitcoin-type investment).


The first people to receive links to join and (if they wish) promote will be members of We Share Abundance, where every member receives FREE WESA tokens every month.


If you are not already a member of We Share Abundance, why not? It's free and will get you the chance of a top position in what will become a fast-growing matrix, flooding your wallet with extra WESA tokens every month.


You can join We Share Abundance here now and be positioned to be in at the start of something BIG!


God bless,


P.S. "Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity." ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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