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Stella Lumens - Earn $10 in 10 minutes!

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Stella Lumens is a crypto token designed to facilitate fast international transactions between banks in different countries.


For example, someone might wish to send 20 US dollars from America to a recipient in China who needs it to be converted to Chinese Yuan en route. Previously, such transactions were notoriously slow.  


Stella Lumens were designed to complete these types of transactions in seconds.


In order to raise awareness (and usage) of Lumens, they are giving away $10 worth of this new currency to anyone who watches 5 training videos.


The training videos are only 2-3 minutes long - I just watched all of them in under 15 minutes and my $10 appeared immediately in my Coinbase account.


So, if anyone wants to earn a quick and easy $10 click here


P.S. You do have to be a member of Coinbase to claim this reward, but most of you probably are already, I guess?

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