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I have been online for a few years trying to earn cash as a internet marketer, but seem to be struggling because of what I feel is failing to build a list. I hear "Build a list" alot but never did, so this is something that I am now trying to do. If there are any successful marketers here, who offers the best autoresponders for the price and were can I get some good tutorials about list building? 

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If this helps, I Use Sendshark, simply because its the best online autoresponder on the market place for online marketers.


I have integrated it within Darrens Prosperity Marketing System.


Equally I have also put List leverage and Traffic Authority inside it as well.


List leverage is awesome and builds your list on steroids, with others helping build it for you, so you get 20% built for free and you also get paid for sending emails out when no one joins your offers.


Its 1 of 3 superb income streams with Traffic Authority being the other and that has a step by step bluerpint to earning $10k per month within 90 days, from just 6 people


I am well happy with the results

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It depends on your experience level or what you're willing to tackle. If you want an autoresponder that is simple to use and plug and play then I'd go with Getresponse. They have a free trial or you can wait for some sale to get discounted pricing... but you only pay for the list that you build, the price scales with the size of your list.


If you have hosting and can set up your own self hosted solution, you will get the best value for money. I've been very happy with Sendy, it is just a one time fee, so incredibly cheap, your cost will come from Amazon SES since you'll want to use that for sending the emails. Amazon SES is cheapest option online for sending mass mail, but it does take some effort because there is lots of technical set up of both Sendy and your account with Amazon web services. However, once it's done you just use your self hosted Sendy software like you would any other autoresponder and it works very well.

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 AutoResponder Thoughts 


 I have been using GetResponse, and recently added Aweber. With GetResponse you get a 30 day free trial to check things out. They offer tons of tools and tutorials on everything about list building, landing pages, conversion funnels, building forms, and much more. After the 30 days you can pick from several plans to move forward with, if you so desire. Starting out from zero, you can decide on the lower end of $15 for 1000 list members. It goes up from there.

  Aweber is the one i recently signed up for, so I don't know exactly what type of support is offered. But they seem to be similar to the first one. But so far they seem like they may be very beneficial. I signed up for the free account to check them out, haven't looked into prices on different packages just yet. 




  And if you are looking for a way to expedite the growth of your list building I have something that may interest you. I don't know if we are supposed to add affiliate links, i thought I read it was frowned upon. But since I have already placed 2 in this post I may as well lay it all out there.

  This was launched in September, and let me just say, it is INCREDIBLE, to put it lightly. The response was so massive it crashed the site. Was worked on, upgraded, and tweaked. Was re-released this month and is just crushing it. My list has just simply exploded, building me a premium, buyers list of leads. Anyone who reads this should take the time to at least check it out, you won't be disappointed. Check it out here.  


I apologize if i broke any rules; was confused on the adding links section. Literally seen sales pages all thru this section. But truth be told I would have added  this entire response with or without the links. It is my honest opinion on these subjects.

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I use ActiveCampaign currently an agency partner with them  and can set it up for you if you want, supports multiple lists, can upload your email address to it, as long as they are not purchased email addresses and gathered via email forms preferably double opt-in.

I also have.


I also am using another that supports up to 3,000 subscribers for free with no brand of their logo on your website, take a look at this SEO Fundamentals splash page, and you'll find it's link at bottom of the email you're going to receive.


I'll give to you for free.

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Guest maryowens

I use TrafficWave. It's $17.95 a month and never goes up no matter how many lists or subscribers you have and it's easy to use. There are tutorials if you need help.

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