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The new Tron Smart Contract Power Of Two!
Download the Power Of Two Presentation (PDF) here: https://easyupload.io/td7z8t
When you're about to register on Power of 2, the system's gonna ask you 2 questions, Are you registering for FREE? or You gonna register and upgrade instantly with $20?
Those that are registering for FREE will only pay the gas fee to connect their wallet to the smart contract, by which the system will also find them 2 FREE members from the system's powerline and they'll be notified to upgrade with $20 within 24 hrs.
Those that are upgrading instantly with $20 worth of Tron will get 2 PAID members under them, by which they start earning immediately they upgrade. It's advisable for you to register and upgrade instantly with $20 worth of Tron, to be two steps ahead of FREE members
Powerline is a row by which everybody is arranged by their registration Time Stamp.
If a FREE member failed to upgrade within 24 hrs of getting the 2 downlines, such member will be placed back at the bottom of the powerline, while the member above/sponsor gets the earnings.
X-Factor is a 1×2 matrix cycler. The left leg is the paying leg, while the right leg is the recycling leg. You earn over and over again, continually
Prime: Everybody you bring into the powerline will be in your 1st level in your Prime and you'll be making 10% on them all. And you'll also make 10% from all of your downlines downline till 10 levels deep.
Once it's time for the launch, there will be a countdown before the launch to get everyone ready, including their team.
The rising of tron does not affect you, only a positive side tongue business...  
With Power of 2, we deal with fixed rate in USD not tron...  
Either it increase or not, all u need to start is $20 .... No matter the equivalent in Tron.
Laptop computer version here:
Go to play store for phone version.
UTUBE tron wallet swap
This guy has a lot of videos to help in tron.
Exchange. Pretty simple.
bitcoin eth and others, into your tron account.
Use Simple Swap: https://simpleswap.io
How To Buy Tron Trx In US?
Write down your exchange id for your records, and you can go back to site and check it.
If you dont see TRX tron, scroll way down to the botton and click (all coins) That will take you to a list...
If you have exodus.io you can as well swap Ethereum or any other crypto for Tron.
As well, you can google it..Or utube the info you need.

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The new Tron Smart Contract Power Of Two will launch tomorrow!


 I will get the registration link from my leader before the official launch.

If you want to get the link, just write me HERE using my contact form.




Wow! What a day !


Good news is that we have the smart contract ready, it is currently being loaded on the Tron blockchain but that process does take some time. The time zone differences means that the programmers have got to get some much needed rest before we move into a final round of testing.


This is what remains to be done:

1) Finalize the installation of the smart contract.

2) Do live tests with Tron on the system.

3) Remove the smart contract and re-install it, for security reasons and to ensure that everyone starts on an equal footing.

So here is the schedule, to get us to the start line:

1) First, everyone please, take a deep breath and get some rest.

2) Tomorrow morning, we will focus on getting the entire field ready to register.

3) Training webinars will focus on wallet funding and setup.

4) Training webinars will be on full schedule tomorrow: 8am–1pm and 8pm EDT

5) Launch on Friday at a time to be specified.

We want everyone to take the additional time to ensure that all team members are ready to go, many are not fully prepared and we must ensure that they are not disappointed.

Many leaders see the opportunity here to take this delay and extend our pre-launch for their team’s advantage. Take advantage of this extra time to help every member on your team recruit two new members! There is a brilliant silver lining on this temporary cloud!

The developers want to apologize for these additional delays but want everyone’s experience with P2 to be a perfect one. So the bottom line, the extra waiting will not be lost time and will be worth every minute we waited.


Never has an opportunity come at a time when it is most needed worldwide.

Financial freedom is at our doorstep, we are almost there, do not despair. 

The power of P2 and all of us, the power of our dreams.

Thanks everyone,


The P2 Development Team.

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