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MoneyTime - moneytime.io

Joe Coon

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[ALERT] MoneyTime has Launched


Hello Team.

You can now create your account in Moneytime.

Watch the instructions at https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cY6ToysQHo

The site link is https://moneytime.io/

Click on register and use this invitation user name:


After registering you will need to login.  Use your email address when logging in.

In your back office click on My Wallet.  It will show you the Wallet Address.  Login to your Stellar Wallet and send funds to this address.  This is the funds you will need for each package level..

Level 1: $10
Levels 1-2: $30
Levels 1-3: $70
Levels 1-4: $150
Levels 1-5: $310

Add a few extra dollars to cover any fees.

Members will be added to our Team Rotator based on the levels you purchase.  You can see details below.

It can take 3 or more hours for the funds to show up in your wallet so be patient.

Once the funds are in your wallet you can click on Home and select the packages you wish to purchase.  You can select multiple packages at the same time.

Team Plan

You only need $10 to get started in MoneyTime.  This places you on the first level.

Our Team Plan is for everyone to start on the first 3 levels.  This will cost $10 + $20 + $40.  The total funds needed would be $70. This will allow everyone to earn from multiple levels and get huge payouts from the Spin and Win.  Members earn every 3 days from Spin and Win.

Pay Plan

PDF: https://bit.ly/2IErJ9B

Pay Plan Video: https://youtu.be/enoLBrtSZCI


Stellar Token

MoneyTime uses the Stellar (XLM) token.  You will need to setup a XLM wallet.

It is suggested to use the Exodus exchange or Coinbase. 

Exodus allows you to exchange any crypto to Stellar (XLM).  You can install Exodus at https://www.exodus.io/download/

Telegram Group

We have setup a Telegram Group.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Joe Coon
Income Club - residualincome

Give God all the Glory!
Joe Coon


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