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Pinterest is the 3 most relevant social network according to many industry analyst.  I do have a Pinterest account for different things.   But I must admit that you should never expect instantaneous results from any form of advertising that you do except paid advertising.  I'm quite sure they can help you with that as well.  What you must do is plan your efforts.  How many posts per day, what items, key words, etc.  Moreover from what I can gather no social network just wants you to promote on the network.  They usually have paid ads for that.  So you need to be sociable!  If you do sell products or services ( and I do) then you have to be careful about pinning and repining.   What I see some of the big marketers do is they post newsy items about their products.  Remember everything you post is tied to your profile anyway and that's where your link is.  Hence what your focus should be on with social network marketing is branding and positioning.  Get the conversation and interaction going about your brand or service.  Your customers will find you if you do this.  Of course, a good jolt of paid ads from the platform itself will quadruple your impact.  Finally keep in mind that on the internet everything is content driven.  High quality and relevant content equates to lots of visitors and that, my friend, means money to pay the bills! 

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Pinterest is a goldmine if you know how to use it correctly.


Pinterest is full of buyers, refers more external traffic to other sites than Facebook, Youtube and Google Plus combined, and people that come to your site via Pinterest are 10% more likely to take an action - (ie make a purchase, opt in to your list, etc.)


My partner and I create a complete Pinterest marketing course that you can check out here.

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There is certainly value in Pinterest but you must be creative. Tagging others in your pins is important as well as using keywords in your descriptions of the pin.


What has been your result thus far?

I would agree with this explanation as I have found this myself. Its certainly a good source of traffic, once you understand it

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