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John Thornhill's Ambassador Program - webinarwithjohn.com


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I recently joined John Thornhill's Ambassador Program and I'd like to 

quickly go over some of the benefits and features here.


First of all, you can attend his webinar here to learn about everything yourself.


John Thornhill is a top 1% Platinum earner on Clickbank. He has created

dozens of top selling digital products for the marketplace..


He also has fantastic results on Warriorplus and JVZoo.


Some of the reasons that got me involved are:


1. There is a professional webinar attached to Ambassador that does the selling for you.

2. As a member, you will be JVing with John and will earn 100% (yes one hundred) of the initial

$497 course/coaching enrollment.

3. There are two additional payments plans if you can't afford $497 up front.

4. There is an additional upgrade to Elite to earn more high-ticket (50% commission on that)

5. Support is very professional and helpful with quick responses.

6. The set up of the system with aweber and your clickbank ID is thorough and relatively simple.

7. VERY COOL- You can bring your own JV's (with a personal join page also provided) under you and earn 50% of whatever they sell


The Bonuses:

1. A rotating link that will indefinitely send you traffic.

2. You can submit a guest post on his personal blog once per month for even more traffic.

3. 30+ campaigns for your aweber autoresponder with hundreds of proven sales letters(This alone is worth thousands and weeks of your time)


Personally, I'd heard of John before this and didn't pay much attention until I realized he is

the creator of Clickbank University which Clickbank highly recommends for affiliates.


Sometimes I need to virtually be slapped on the head and told "look here, dummy!"


While I have had some success in the past (5 figures of earnings up to date) I've always wanted a mentor style coaching program to take me past my mistakes and failures

and get me to the next level. 


As well the cost to join is a fraction of most other coaching programs online.


Gain access to the webinar here


Become a JV (only to sell Ambassador Program) here


Adam Raley (incomeskills)




Webinar Reveals how to be Coached<p>by a #1 Vendor/AffiliateWebinar Access
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