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IOI is The #1 PVP Trading Game With Lifetime Dividends

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IOI is The #1 PVP trading game with lifetime dividends. Platform ecosystem includes #gaming, #trading, #staking.#Gaming


It helps increase your trading skills without risking it all on an exchange. 

$5,000 monthly free rewards!

Play the game as a trader and trade as a gamer.

A VIRTUAL crypto portfolio is used as a fuel for cars.

Integrated TradingView indicators help to increase the chances of winning.

Crypto performance data is pulled in real-time from exchanges to make the game equally fair.

A racer with the best performing coins wins the race.

More you play, the better rewards you get.

Get lifetime dividends with IOI



Nitro wallet- keep your asset under full control



Access to Trading pool with up to 36% APY of your investment.

Binary options soon.

Free trading signals soon.



Gain staking up to 24% p.a.

Cars as NFT staking coming soon






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The #1 Ecosystem for Gamers and Traders.

Powered by Defi and NFTs to bring you lifetime rewards.


Player vs player game.

Adventures and tournaments with instant rewards.

Every Wednesday 10,000 TRX guaranteed prize pool.

Reward pool for IOI token holders.

Join a team, and you can get:

a share from team bonus of 5% platform turnover.

access to the best performing coins to increase your winning chances.

Stake limited cars as NFTs.


Play the game stake IOI tokens, and get lifetime rewards with IOI.


Twitter: @IOI_Game 

Instagram: #ioigame

Facebook: @ioigameofficial





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Powered by Defi and NFTs to bring you lifetime rewards.
IOI game is fully working product providing many rewards and benefits.
Play the game:
The ecosystem has its own IOI token.
It‘s a deflationary multi-utility token.
Listing in exchanges- by the end of January.
How to get token:
•  Register and get free tokens
•  Finish daily tasks and get free tokens
•  Win tokens in the game or mine them by playing TRX games
•  Buy IOI tokens in Nitro wallet



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With YIELD, retail investors can earn daily returns with a starting amount of as little as $100. Users simply deposit their assets and then with a click, select their earnings strategy. They can redeem their funds at any time and the guaranteed 12% APY can be boosted to 20% by holding YLD tokens.


New YIELDers are joining our platform every day to earn up to 20% APY on their investments! If you’re interested but aren’t sure how it works, here’s a quick guide to get you started.









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 IOI-GAME (https://ioi-game.com/) is LIVE!

TRADE RACE MANAGER (https://traderacemanager.com/) Soon!


Why have IOI tokens in your portfolio??


IOI is a multi-utility token with burning principles and governance processes. Users can collect limited NFTs, become racing team owners, get access to special events and more.


Don't miss the public sale starting from 25.02.2021


In the meantime get ready for the major release of TRADE RACE MANAGER in 3D!  - Powered by IOI and NFTs 


It's a player vs player game. Play2earn model, together with staking brings you multiple rewards. The next-generation trading manager with gameplay model depending on the real market data. The new era is coming. Don‘t miss out!



Telegram chat (

Telegram News (

Twitter (


#1 Deflationary multi utility gaming token





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IOI as a leader in gamified trading stands behind blockchain projects like Nitro wallet, IOI- game and Trade Race Manager.


The great news is, IOI has partnered with MATIC NETWORK. In cooperation with strong blockchain partners, fulfilling high demands becomes the standard. Powered by collectable NFTs, you can enjoy the gamified trading experience like nowhere else.

#trading #gaming #rewards #nfts #ioitoken



IOI Announces an Exciting Partnership with Matic - IOI-GAME BLOG

We are continuously searching for new partners to offer market trends, and we are honored to announce a new partnership with





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IOI, in cooperation with the strong partner Matic, is going to release soon Defi project #1 Trade Race Manager in 3D.


It is player vs player trading game. The gameplay core is based on COLLECTABLE NFT CARS which can be used for racing as well as for staking. Together, with play2earn model, the platform gives many earning opportunities for its users. Join IOI Telegram and don't miss out the release date. 




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