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Just Upgraded to My Online Start Up Partner

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Hi Guys;  So recently I decided to pay to upgrade my My Online Start Up membership to Partner.  £190 it cost me and I did so as they are apparently offering lifetime memberships to all partners that upgrade before they launch there new subscription model.  This was apparently supposed to be a limited offer till the 6th January but this has now been extended.

I believe them I think that this isn't some bullshit to sign up to a platform that will never launch.  On there Facebook group they are saying it's coming.  They've even announced there prices.  So I think they are telling the truth.

Regardless the draw for me was their income streams.  I was told there will be 50+ once they are finished.

They work supposedly in a way that for anyone who signs up under you, to any of the recommended tools in the training - they will become your referrals.  I was interested as several of these recommended tools I'm already a member of including Wealthy Affiliate, Leads Leap and Get Response. 

Honestly,  I still pay for all of these as I've not had any referrals that have properly signed up but this is my ideal situation - I get the number of referrals I need to cover my fees for each platform, and I would also like to make my £190 back. 

Anyway, I really liked the training as well as a free member, and I'm looking forward to going through everything properly.


I have managed to get 5 referrals so far and looking for more people to join my team hopefully soon.

The goal of this program is to get referrals for the free course and everything else from there is handled by MOS.  You can make $100 on Clickbank for anyone who upgrades.

If you are not currently a member and would like to promote yourself I will share a sign up link.


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