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Hi Fellow MC Members and Guests,
Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here... (Pro Member)
Barbie Zabel along with her business partner
Richard Daigle have combined their 40 years
of online money making skills to show everyone
where they will hang their hats in 2021.

And when top marketers reveal their hand,
it should cause you to take notice!

We have chosen Networkers List ($20 Miracle)
for 2021 based on affordability, ease of use, great
support, honest leaders, the ability to advertise,
3 part compensation plan including one with no-
sponsoring, worldwide global opportunity in 120
countries and how members get
weekly residual
payments paid to their own Visa Card!

We are so confident in our choice that we have
created a Team Build that is 2nd to none! Joining
our team assures our members success if they
follow our simple plan with...

> 14 High Value Bonuses (Give Away Incentives)
> Amazing eye-popping Team Pages
> Email Swipes
Placement in Team Rotator
> Tips and Training
Copy & Paste emails when you get a signup
> Copy & Paste emails when you get an upgrade
Private Facebook Group
> Co-op Traffic Shares

If you have been on the fence about getting
Networkers List then you have to see the
benefits of Team Zabel & Daigle!
Let the 2021 Miracle begin!

Check us out... the sooner you join, the more
you will make!


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Hi, captrik, may I know which website use bitcoin or coinpayment pay instant direct our bitcoin address? Because I like to promote



Hi Romingson,


That's a good question to ask in the CryptoCurrencies and Blockchains forum.

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