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UK Coventry Born Billionaire Joins CashFX Opportunity !

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Massive news coming from cfx. 

Multi Billionaire, Jojar Dhinsa, from Coventry in the UK, has recently joined CFX after having his lawyers go over the structure and legalities thoroughly. 


This is a major due diligence indicator for any one who is still in the process of developing confidence to say yes to this life-changing opportunity

Jojar is a Coventry born Entrepreneur living in England, who started off with a paper round at the age of 6 yrs old earning £3.00 a week!

He now runs a multi-billion pound business empire and he is intent on giving back and helping others succeed.

He sold his first company at the age of 21 yrs old for the sum of £50m and is now the Chairman of the Athlone Group which he founded in 2020.

90% of the group’s profits go into humanitarian aid and charitable projects 


His main motivation in the early days was to be able to look after his family and be able to move them away from the poorer area in which they lived in England.

Now his intent is to help others.


This fits perfectly with the main motivation of our CEO Huascar Lopez and Edwin Abad and the main motivation of most people in including myself ?

CFX is the most transparent and honest, caring company I have ever been involved with and it should be noted that our most recent member, multi billionaire Jojar Dhinsa, lines up perfectly with our deepest values - he himself is an avid philanthropist.

We change lives daily and provide that much needed sense of security, and freedom that we all need and strive for. REcording of the live interview. https://youtu.be/x6b3-76j-rY


For Full Info Please leave a Comment or PM me 


Kindest Regards

Mel Baxter-Smith


Call: +44 7712116340


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