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New RTA Coin in Beta, We had to Start Somewhere, Here is to our START! We are up and running! Our Mission: A Simple Way To Build A Cryptocurrency Network For ALL With No to Low Fees, and Fast Instant Speeds. Spend your Coins at other Ad Exchange Store Inside! RTA Coin, is not a token, It is a REAL Currency Growing with more uses Every Day!
Have Paypal Issues? NO MORE - Use the RTA Coin! We are the True digtal currency for Ad Exchanges, and More, fast and easy. Right Now You can send RTA Coins to Each other with no fee. Spendable In the RTA Spend Market right now!
RTA Coin NEXT Halved for click
will Happen at 1000000 Ads Delivered
 So you got to Hurry and Join Right Now to get the best earnings.
Just the First 50 Members - 150 RTA Coins + Ad Package.
50 - 100 Members - 75 RTA Coins + Ad Package.

 101 - 200 Members - 37.50 RTA Coins + Ad Package.




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