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New Starter totally confused !

pensioner broke help needed

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#1 piperdg147


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Posted 15 March 2021 - 07:25 AM

Hi Guys,


Derek Clifford Gibson here 74 year old pensioner trying to make sense of what is going on and needing some basic guidance to get started to earn at least some money to supplement my pension. I cannot believe I have been on the www since 1991 and still not made a penny !!! I spend most of my time online searching for easier ways to make money without money but keep coming up against brick walls.


Hopefully I can make this one work.


I am a retired Mechanical engineer after working for 50 plus years in the Engineering industry in Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Nuclear Engineering working all over the world while travelling extensively and having lived in over 40 different countries. But now I am stuck in Aberdeen in a grotty little flat. Hopefully I can create an online presence and enough money to move abroad to a warmer climate such as Cyprus.


I am hoping to start meeting more people like me looking for a golden opportunity to progress and improve my circumstances. Maybe this forum is the starting point.


To OUR Success Guys!!





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#2 josephdoyle


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Posted 15 March 2021 - 12:14 PM

Hello Derek,


Joseph here.


I can understand how you are feeling.

I will soon be  joining your rank as an esteemed pensioner.


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Welcome my name is Joseph.I love family life and miss the closeness we all enjoyed pre Covid 19 Virus.
I also love designing and creating jewellery with an Irish theme @ "Celtic Spirals" Jewellery Designs:,My pieces are show-cased & sold @ my new "Flexxity"  website store.
We have recently up-dated our awesome  SFI System and simplified our wondereful SFI  web-site. 

#3 Cynthiagarden


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Posted 17 March 2021 - 09:37 PM

Hi Derek, Welcome to MC! I’m retired after 40 short years as an Admin. Secretary. I miss the interaction with crazy co-workers, but now, I’m enjoying working from home!
MC is a place where you can search different topics, and participate with like-minded people from around the world...unlike the “crazy” office-life!

Click around and open all the links, Update your signature, and make some friends. 
If you have something to promote, share it in your profile! Then, as you participate with others, you’ll be sharing a little of yourself!


Have fun!

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Earning cash from home with Affiliate marketing & the wellness industry, I also enjoy "making music" with vocals & keys to uplift & encourage! Hopeisfree!


#4 HACCP76


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Posted 18 July 2021 - 12:03 PM

Hi Derek,


I think we have all been through a stage of not earning online.  I was the same.  I gave up and started an ebay business.  Ebay then started to up their rates so I went back to Internet Marketing using Safelists to start.  I then started an autoresponder with a crypto project called the coin app XYO where i managed to get at least 150 leads a week using their advertising platform.  To be honest I spent a few months not making any money then I went back to Clickbak to promote the crypto products to the list.  I was them amazed.  I started to make some cash with the list.  It was when the cheque came through the post my confidence started to increase.  I then started more programs and used safelits and built up traffic over the past few months.  This then resulted in myself putting together a traffic page which you can find in my profile.  Its a free page which you can add your own banners to and it has just started to increase weekly.  


I do wish you all the best and its is challenging, but dont stop.  Stay determined and keep learning.

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FREE Ebook explains the 7 secrets the so called gurus do not want you to know about!!  Click here to read frree.

#5 ckoch



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Posted 19 July 2021 - 01:34 PM

Hi there.


I would tell you to study internet marketing.  But I will tell you there is no secret formula there is

opportunity to join a business opportunity (Beware of scams) Or do it yourself.  Do it yourself tho

will take skills so that is why I recommend becoming a student.

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#6 captkirk


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Posted 19 July 2021 - 03:22 PM

Hi Derek,

I started earning money when I learned to generate massive free traffic to the programs that I was promoting.

The sites that I mainly promote are programs that you can join for with the option to upgrade if you want more features and benefits.

If course, I do promote programs that has a small monthly fee too.

But the KEY to my successes online is the direct results of sending free traffic to the sites I’m promoting 365(6) days a year without fail. :)
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#7 Philaggio


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Posted 20 October 2021 - 10:05 AM

Hi Derek,

I recommend tracking and monitoring your links with a tool like Clickgum or Hitsconnect (create a fresh tracking link for each site and promotion) and then you can zoom in on what works the best. Also try split testing your campaigns to see if version A works better than version B or vice-versa (a feature of Clickgum and maybe Hitsconnect too). The thing is that there are so many ad blasters, login page advert tools, safe lists, solo ad sites and so on (and as you click on ads to get advertising credits you may find you join more and more) but you really need to focus on the few that work the best to make best use of your time. So closely monitoring and experimenting with what you do is really key.

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