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BRAND NEW *DEFI* 1000x Coin

A Brand New Secret DEFI Project Called Etherconnect Just Started 

Which Has The Potential To Go From 10 Cents To $50


Etherconnect is an open source decentralized finance platform for stablecoin, staking, yield farming, and DeFi protocol. It is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for investors, to unlock a universe of open future of financial earnings.
Etherconnect is a new updated platform of Bitconnect Limited which is based from Estonia & United Kingdom Registered Company. The platform is designed to provide multiple opportunities & benefits for its investors, traders, and users to earn profit daily. Etherconnect community enhanced the crypto finance platform & merged the DeFi protocol with the governance protocol.
This will help us to find the independence of all desire, Etherconnect community of like-minded, freedom loving individuals. 





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The NEW DEFI Coin  Etherconnect just hit a new ATH of $ 0.2049.  


Yesterday it was only 0.2001


Remember the launch price few weeks back was only $ 0.1000.   It has The Potential To Go From 10 Cents To $500


This is growing everyday and as more and more community members are coming in , demand is increasing and supply is reducing and hence price increase !


This is a sure shot 100x to 1000x coin

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29 May 2021
Etherconnect price  $0.2418   

Etherconnect Community growing every day and increasing the ECC price value 
1. The ECC coin price value increased 112 % in 3 months; almost 30% increase per month.
2. 30% average increase per month. The first marketing plan/ roadmap I consulted on the website was announcing 10 to 40 % increase Forecast per month. And we are at 30%. Right on track and even on the high average forecast.
3. Total Worldwide registered users are 141K.
4. Total Worldwide Active accounts are 76k
5. Total ECC coin sold till today 48.2 Million
6. Total ECC supply is as you know 114 Million coins
7. Just want to remind you about the BONANZA program: keep it in mind guys. The program is running since April 26 and for 60 days. Rewards are shared to every user instantly. Instead of on a Monthly bases and then after that monthly.
8. 48.2 Million ECC sold through Strong and highly proactive community.
9. People taking part in building a new economy, non-government, without borders, self-regulated, secure with cutting edge blockchain technology
10. Now Breaking news for the next level: You are all aware of the EYFI coming stuff. We just had in the past few days the reveal of the total supply of EYFI tokens 150 million tokens to launch in the market. 
11. As you all know it will be coming live with the EYFISwap platform, IDO and NFT Market place of Non Fungible Tokens.
12. Eyfi will be the most successful crypto currency in the market with the help of this world wide community.
13. Eyfi will also have yield farming. Lending, banking platform for its users,
14. The EYFI swap platform using the Binance smart chain, using the Ethereum Blockchain, that's a cross chain platform  that is likely to become one of the most successful crypto in the market, Maybe the most successful with the help of the community
15. What is the EYFI? How does it work?
a. It's a crypto basket representing top DeFi assets in a fully decentralized space.
b. You can hold top DeFi tokens in one EYFI single token index with one click. 
c. The EYFI Coin index is composed of the price of the selected tokens which serve as an indicator of the general direction of DeFi market development.
d. So that the user gets a portfolio holding the top crypto assets represented by an algorithmically-driven index.
e. Therefore, the index is backed by a set of crypto assets and ECC coin designed by experts in an optimal proportion for passive income. 
f. The platform can always rebalance the underlying set of assets to minimize risk.
16. What is important to know is that! Only the number and proportion of tokens are balanced. Prices are taken from the oracles and do not fluctuate within the curve like in AMM-based protocols.
17. Also Etherconnect is the first platform into the market to offer the creation of custom crypto indexes representing your personal investment portfolio that can appreciate in value through the EYFI yield farming platform. 
18. Now how is it made? How to stake ECC Coin and get an extra yield on your assets????
4 steps:
    1. User locks a certain amount of ECC they acquired on Etherconnect Staking index within the protocol;
    2. The EYFI protocol using the in-built oracles retrieves the current prices of the underlying crypto-assets;
 3. Corresponding to the chosen EYFI index, The platform sends the underlying currencies separately to the yield farming protocols sing the most optimized strategies;
 4. Finally, The ECC Stake is returned to the user in the form of a new EYFI index tokens backed by the profit generated.
19. Now precisions and some numbers about the supply:
So facts and figures:
a. Total supply Of EYFI 150 Million Tokens
How will these 150 Million be sold and shared:
b. 10% for Airdrop for ECC Community. 
c. 2.5% BSC Network community.
d. 2.5% for Affiliate & Referral Commission.
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Can you see this?

EYFI was made available for pre sale for 10 cents on 17 Jun 2021. Price is already at $3.29 .


This is just the beginning.


Next price is easily $5 - $10 + in coming days.

This is not a joke!


Coins have been known to go from 10 cents to thousands of dollars when exchanges back them.


And with 100,000+ Token Holders before the private-sale even began...this is the biggest business the exchanges will have in a long time!



Think about it.

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Here are 5 Latest Important EIFI Updates 


1) Implementation of withdrawal tech from ECC Backoffice to BSC has been successfully implemented and all ECC members can withdraw upto 0.4 EIFI Tokens 


Note : The current market pricing fluctuations are obvious as members who came in early in private sale from 10 cents to $10 are realizing their gains slowly slowly 


Be ready for bigger and wilder fluctuations once we open larger withdrawals starting September 1st 


2) 1st September onwards proper withdrawals of EIFI Coins will start both from ECC as well As EIFI.Com backoffice


  • 10 % Monthly for purchased tokens - Will be Released daily 
  • 1 % Monthly for airdropped tokens - Released daily


So if you have lets say 30,000 EIFI Tokens - 3000 Tokens will be unlocked for month of September and everyday you will be able to withdraw upto 100 tokens 


Similarly for october , november and so on


Note : Test trading was launched with 5000 tokens to establish a price action history as well as get token listed in Trust Wallet , CoinMarketCap , Poocoin , dex tools etc etc


Once we start releasing the tokens starting 1st September , approximate 1000,000 to 500,000 new tokens will enter the system every month and hence wilder price swings 


Always have a 5 year vision when entering into tokens especially into private sale stages !


3) EIFI AMM DEX tech is being build up everyday and as per our tech lead should be ready for testing in approx 2 weeks from now with SWAP feature and later on yield farming , staking pools etc


We cannot give exact time and date for the launch of AMM dex as tech is always unpredictable and good things do take time to build but August Is looking positive for Beta launch of EIFI AMM DEX platform


4) Panda Inu token will be the second token to be trading on our AMM Dex platform side by side with ECC And EIFI 


It's a essential part of our ecosystem with ECC being the governance token , EIFI being the DEX token , Panda being the Decentralized Wallet token and upcoming NFT token In October for NFT markets


We will start with BNB pairs and expand into various other pairs including cross chain trading pairs


5) Buzz for panda Inu token is getting bigger and bigger and we do encourage our entire EIFI family to participate in private sale

via ECC dashboard


Kindly contact any of our global ECC affiliates and create your FREE account and then wait for the private sale of panda inu token to start


We have one of the largest communities in crypto space with mind blowing statistics


  • Telegram channel of over 250,000 people
  • Telegram group maxed out at 200,000 members
  • Twitter Channel of over 190,000 members
  • Email List of over a million members
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