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Who here has used Click Track Profit before - Thinking of leaving for good!

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Hello,  Has anyone here used Click Track Profit before.

Its a marketing platform with various training, tips and tools.  I've been with them since July 2020 I stopped using because I couldn't get certain things on the site to work.  Like each training video you watch you mark as done before you can watch the next one, and this is one of the real crappy things about it - some of the videos don't show the done click.  So I wasn't able to watch the others after which really pissed me off.  Not to mention they use a 3rd party provider for support which I never really found helpful.

So, anyway I tried to cancel last year can't remember what month but it was real difficult to do, and in fact several months I paid the $7 fee without even noticing.  Has only been quite recently I noticed.  I've finally managed to cancel now but I can't help thinking I might be missing a trick or 2 with this platform.

I have recently built a funnel I was thinking maybe this platform might be useful.  I added my link to the Gauntlet which I there review platform  but before people were moaning about links not made through CTP being used there.

Honestly, I think in a way i'll be glad to see the back of it now I have cancelled my account but I wonder has anyone used this - and any tips?  Especially on how I can use this (if it's even worth it) to promote my new funnel.

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