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How can you make money on social media?

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Making money out of the social media is a creative job which is often ignored. However, this is a reality these days that Twitterati, Instagrammer, SM Manager and similar such terms are not just attributes but a profession as well.
After making a fair amount online and from almost every social media, I am glad quora system has referred this question to me!
See the earnings from social media in two ways:
1) Cash
2) Kind or favour returning
Let us discuss the conventional method first of all and exchange it for the cash.
i) Social Media Manager
If you are apparently 'wasting' time on the social media, it is the time you need to act smart and do not fo it for free. With no dearth of the startups and companies trying to make a mark on the social media sites, the demand of the SMM is quite high. You will be required to manage different social accounts be it facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit to name few and oh! Even Quora.
ii) Personalised accounts
In this world of the marketing, the need of the influencers has registered a remarkable growth in the industry. You are just needed to put up a post appreciating brand x on your social media accounts and bling! You have a message of credit from your bank! GETIT GETIT?
However, for this approach, you need to have enough number of the followers/friends/subscribers online.
iii) Sell your products on social media
Do you own a website or deal in online business? Are you looking to increase the traffic or the sale of same and want to do it without profit sharing? Welcome to Social Media! Create your audience and sell your products!
iv) Refer and Earn
Are you not having a fair online base and working on it yet want to earn? That is where Social Media can help you earn. Companies like Amazon and Google are anxiously waiting for you to join the refer and earn programs run by them!
v) Youtube
Create some unique content and post them in your videos on youtube. Enough said!
vi) Like, Share, Comment, Tweet, Retweet
Uh, what? Is it true? Yes! There are agencies which want you to register just to like, share, comment, tweet, retweet and similar jobs in exchange of money. Interesting, no? Trust me, it pays you huge!!!
You think you lack the act of kindness? No worries, you can earn in kind anyway!
i) Influencer
Same thing but this time, you get the perks and not money. Hey! It is same, no? Say, a few days back I had the best stay at a resort in Lonavala for a night and it was all just because I promised to promote them on my social media if I had a nice experience.
ii) Link affiliation
You promote someone, they promote, it is all resource sharing business, you see?
These are few things that can help you make money. However, the entire game is of numbers, your skill, creativity and time. If you are okay giving time and have a little of skill and creativity, the social media wants you.


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