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How do I improve my social media presence?

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Building a social media community can be a tricky business.


1. What’s your goal?


This is the first and most important question because it heavily dictates that best route for achieving your goal. Are you trying to increase your business revenue by getting customers to sign up for an online course? Are you trying to get feedback from people who are testing out your software? Are you offering customer support? Finding your real goal in building a social media community will already illuminate the best way to do that.


2. Consider your channels.


Once you’re aware of what sort of social media community you really want to build, you can start considering your different avenues. Are you going to make a Facebook page? A LinkedIn Group?


Considering where your audience spends their social media time will help you really hone in on what will best work for your business and be the best use of your time. A Facebook page might be great for a stay at home mom’s group focused around parenting, whose goal is simply to build a community, share knowledge, and be a source of information. A LinkedIn group might be better for a group where you promote your course about being a solopreneur by offering free downloads and resources specific to that line of work.

The reality is that most businesses are strapped for time or money so that may be a good place to start. What do you really have time for? Can you commit an hour a week to scheduling posts or do you have a full-time social media marketer?


3. Build, build, and build some more.


There are so many ways that you can build a community on social media, but a few pillars to stress heavily in your strategy are:


Build a brand persona and identity. I wrote a whole post about this that I’ve linked at the end of this answer, but the reality is that you need to have a strong sense of who you are and the type of people that you want your community to be made up of.

What kind of content do those potential community members like to view? Do they like to see infographics? Quick videos with tips relevant to their industry? Behind the scenes pictures of your manufacturing process? Build your community around that kind of content.

Encourage sharing both in your community and outside of it. Build trust with your community members until they’d feel comfortable sharing their advocacy for the community outside the realms of your reach.

Hope that helps!



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to improve your social media presence you need an SEO expert if you are not ready to waste your time and money.


then if you want to waste your time, efforts and money $$$ you can do that manually by buying traffic which is one of the solutions also create a stunning website and profile backlinks also create social media accounts on every social media platform to increase the chance of being present on all social media


Good Luck

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Plenty of hard work to build up a base of followers and then let them promote for you by letting them share your group to other like minded.  Keyword analysis still works and so do hashtags which I used on a few posts and amazed at the results still.




Multiple areas, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook!


It all takes a lot of time but can work for you depending on what business is being built online.

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