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What are some social media management tools?

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I personally use Sprout Social because they have every feature I need, plus they have online courses and webinars for users and much more. However, there are many other tools available for social media managers.


Here is a list of the 10 most famous tools:


1.Hootsuite - is an easy-to-use social media manager. Users are given access to a single dashboard with the most popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can manage and schedule your posts, receive important updates, follow people, share posts, and more. Hootsuite helps you reach all your social feeds at the same time, regardless of your location.


2. Buffer- Just like Hootsuite, it supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram, a platform that has proved tricky to integrate in the past. Buffer’s dashboard differs from Hootsuite in that it shows only the timeline of your posts, without facilitating further interaction with the above platforms.


3. Sprout social- This tool basically combines various social media equipment into one platform from social media scheduling to monitoring to reporting etc.


4. Agora Pulse- This is an all in one social media platform with responding, scheduling, and reporting facets, etc.


5. Sendible- This is one of the pleasant social media structures which is constructed in particular for unique corporations with countless clients. This device will permit you to customize your dashboard in accordance with your branding for attracting new clients.


6. Clincher- This tool will enable you to manage your page’s agenda and public posts and reply to social messages and analyze your social media platform.


7. Social pilot- Social media pilot is a kind of tool that automates the administration of social media, making it an easy dashboard.


8. Mavsocial- This is the social media administration device with a focal point on visible content material and this can additionally control your Facebook commercials as well.


9. Post planner- With Post planner, you can format the publishing calendar, locate content, and submit constantly.


10. CoSchedule is a complex system that manages team tasks and projects and offers social media management tool as well. Like the previous tools, CoSchedule’s platform enables users to create a timely content map. As a bonus, you can build a holistic social campaign for your brand using their tools.


I suggest you take free trials of the tools, try them out one by one and then you can decide which tool suits your needs best.

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