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How do you use social media to promote your business?

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If you want your business to grow, you need to promote it on the same platforms that most people are using these days.


Millennials for instance are active on popular social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


These are free and you can easily create an account and start promoting your business and generate organic traffic.


However, simply doing this will not be effective enough which is why here are a few pointers on how to leverage the full potential of social media marketing-


● Firstly, you need to understand who your targeted audience is. Create a list of keywords best suited for them and use them as hashtags in your post. This will ensure that anytime a particular hashtag is searched for by a potential customer, your post will come up.


● Try to increase the community engagement. You can do this by being active on all your social media handles and posting regular updates. Gather as many followers as you can as this will increase your odds of generating leads.


● Respond to queries about your products in the comments section or messages. You need to be aware of all the conversations and discussions that are happening regarding your products and respond to it whenever appropriate. It will help in building better relations with customers.


● You can go live on a social media platform and give your audience a tour of the office, staff and the whole manufacturing process. These behind the scenes live videos will help build the trust of your audience, especially if it is a new business venture.


● Last but not the least, marketing through social media will help create brand awareness and brand recognition. You can link the home page or product page so that customers can directly buy it from social media platforms with a few simple clicks.


Social media marketing can also be paid in the form of Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads or Instagram Ads.


If you are a startup or small business looking to create a strong social media presence but not fully aware how then take a Social Media Optimisation (SMO) course from a reputed institute to make the most of social media.


On the other hand, if you have the necessary funds then you can outsource your marketing activities by hiring a digital marketing agency.


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I begin by simply including a top link of mine in my social media bio. I then focus on creating (and finding) engaging content. I try to humble myself and not be hasty when strangers reach out to me to connect.


I'm sensitive to their questions and even offers. I ask a lot of questions (for engagement purposes) and I pay attention to what my audience is liking. I rarely mention my business directly. Rather, I talk about the business industry in general.

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It surely does take a while in the engagement on Facebook.  Similar to network marketing techniques but creating an avatar does work and as long as you create and post daily you will start to earn respect and show people that you are the top of your niche.

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