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How do I earn in affiliate marketing?

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The best way to earn while you learn in affiliate marketing is to share your journey as a relatable beginner.

Affiliate marketing is about finding an audience you resonate with, offering value and then presenting your awesome product to solve their pain.

While obviously a lot of people get swept up in following the guys who are standing in front of Ferraris and showing the high-flying lifestyle, many people will get turned off by this as they see it as unattainable or not real (which often it isn’t).

When I started out on my affiliate marketing course I would share my journey of what I was learning on Facebook, plus my wins and struggles.

I found that this actually drew a lot of people to me who asked me questions about what I was doing.

People buy from people and like to see you’re a real person. If you want to earn as you learn when starting affiliate marketing make sure you;

  • Post daily on your chosen social media accounts telling people what you’re learning
  • Another rule of thumb is to follow the RVL formula (Results Value Lifestyle). Don’t be afraid to show who you are, this will encourage the right people to follow you and see if you’re doing it, they can to
  • Share struggles and wins. If you have results share them, if not leverage others on your course until you get them
  • Put soft calls to action at the end of your posts eg; message me if you need help, if you want to know what course I’m on reach out, if you want to know how I achieved this…
  • Reach out to people and have REAL conversations. Don’t just pitch or spam people, start by just actually finding out about a person. Transition the conversation when it feels right into finding out if your product would be a fit for that person
  • Focus on value and not just spamming. If you help people, the money will roll in after
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